Halloween Costume Ideas

Star Wars:

Star wars is scheduled to be released later this year. The world is humming with information and trailers for the newest tale to the epic saga. Why not celebrate the new age of galactic warfare with a costume that goes along with it?


(Photo by Jim G on Pinterest. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/410249847282341663/)


Speaking of outer space, you are going to be soaring above them all in an awesome astronaut outfit. Dress up your bike so that it looks like a rocket ship with some cardboard, and you are going to have a far out time.



For a classic costume idea jump on your bike, and go get a witch costume from the nearest costume retailer. Tie a broomstick on your seat shaft and the outfit is complete! All you need now is to practice your evil cackle.


(Photo shared by https://www.pinterest.com/awheelia/bike-halloween/).


This movie about the lovable alien is another cinematic classic on this list. This Halloween remake the iconic flying bike scene. A dream shared by many fans of the movie. If you have an infant even better, or just a plain old doll of E.T. will work.



These are just some cool ideas to get you started. Let us know how you incorporated the Weehoo into your costume this year by sending us a picture on Facebook @rideweehoo or Instagram @rideweehoo.

Snack Ideas for Kids

Weehoo trailers are perfect for taking longer trips on a beautiful afternoon. It can be so much fun enjoying a bike ride for hours on end, but what snack are you going to pack that is easy and hassle free. The last thing you want hear is “I’m hungry!” every 2 minutes on the road. We thought we would share some snack ideas to keep the kids satisfied.


  • Banana: Easy to peel and you’re right back on the road. Potassium and carbs help muscles use fuel so your child can keep up the pedaling right along with you.
  • PB&J: Easy for the child to pull out of a bag and eat. Protein, fats and carbs give energy to your child during a long ride.
  • Clif Bar ZBars: Offers what the PB&J offers but without having to make it and sticky hands. Great if you are on a spontaneous ride and just need to grab and go.
  • Water Bottles: Water is essential to keeping your child from feeling fatigued and dehydrated. The Weehoo Turbo models have great pockets for water bottles. This one is quite obvious, but is not to be overlooked.