iGo Turbo Weehoo Bike Trailer

The innovative Weehoo iGo Turbo adjusts to accommodate kids 2 to 9 years old. The maximum per seat weight limit is 80 lbs. Keep little ones safe and secure by using the foot straps and the adjustable 3-point harness with chest buckle. Easy & Fast to install by slipping our unique  tool free hitch onto your bike seat post.

The Turbo Bike Trailer is low to the ground, stable and safe. The easy handling tackles corners with ease!  We’ve designed the bike trailer for both on and off road and many parents now enjoy mountain treks with their young ones.

There is also plenty of storage for snacks and fun stuff!

The sprocket and chain are enclosed to keep little fingers grease free and away from harm. The comfortable handgrips give children something to hold on to.

Optional canopy and rain cover accessories are sold separately.

We love the weehoo!

“We love the weehoo. My kids are secure and can help if they want. It’s narrow and I don’t worry about hitting things with the trailer. Less drag than a trailer as well. I just took my son for a loop around the lake yesterday and he was “woohooing” the whole time!”

The iGo Turbo unique pedal system allows children to get great exercise while being safely secured in the trailer!