Special Bundle - Save $130 - Weehoo® TURBO™ Bike Trailer + Extra Hitch + Kickstand

Special Bundle - Save $130 - Weehoo® TURBO™ Bike Trailer + Extra Hitch + Kickstand

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Weehoo® TURBO™ trailer bike bundle special.  Save $130

Get the bike trailer, extra hitch kit, and kickstand.

Experience engaging, active adventures with the Weehoo® TURBO™ bike trailer.  Kids pedal along, making effortless exploration. Safe, interactive, easy to install and all terrain!

Just one ride and you’ll understand why we named our bicycle trailer after the expression of excitement “Weehoo!” Explore your world on melt-down-free adventures and experience quality time on command with a Weehoo® bike trailer.







INCLUDES: Trailer assembly, hitch kit, flag, fender, all weather shell, and kickstand.

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The Weehoo® TURBO™ bike trailer is our number-one-selling bike trailer.  The Weehoo® TURBO™ bike trailer offers children the opportunity to pedal and propel Mom or Dad, or to relax and enjoy the adventure.  Kids stay engaged and active the entire ride, creating amazing quality time for your family.  Ton's of storage in the seat and over the rear wheel keeps you stocked up on supplies while you're exploring.  Patented hitch allows easy installation and removal of the Weehoo® bike trailer when you switch between solo and family bike rides.

The balanced, streamlined design of the Weehoo® TURBO™ trailer bike gives you the ability to share your style of riding with your children.  Riding is easy with the patented, self-aligning hitch, and single wheel design bicycle trailer. This fresh approach to family biking allows children to eat, sleep, pedal, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. Adventures begin with Weehoo® bike trailers.


LOVE our Weehoo 

I purchased the Weehoo after trying a "buggy" style trailer for my little girl; my daughter and I have fallen in love with this product! With the seat and harness, I never worried about her falling out. I would highly recommend to any family who loves to cycle.

I also received some amazing customer service after calling them with problem that occurred after 3-years of use!