Weehoo® WEEGO™ Stroller & Bike Trailer

Weehoo® WEEGO™ Stroller & Bike Trailer

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Weehoo's® weeGo™ stroller & bike trailer is another option Weehoo® offers for customers.  The Weehoo® weeGo™ offers the versatility of an all-in-one bike trailer and a stroller.  Lot's of storage and adjustable handle, removable wheels and compact, removable stroller wheels, make the Weehoo® weeGo™ best in class at this economical price point.

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Safety flag is included, although not pictured.

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When you're out with your child in the Weehoo WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and stroller, either riding around the lake or strolling through the park, passersby may be inclined to note your remarkable dedication as a parent. What they don't know is that, come race day, the extra weight and drag of the WeeGo won't be behind your rear wheel. While your kids are eating cereal out of sandwich bags, you'll be crushing base miles and intervals with the added benefits of resistance training!

The WeeGo is adjustable for single or double occupancy, and the option of a mesh front panel or a fully sealed, anti-element plastic windscreen means your passengers will enjoy their toasted oat cereal in comfort, regardless of weather conditions.