Tim's Sledding Adventure

We finally got some snow in town! It wasn’t much, but it was light and fluffy. Saturday snow days are the best; no school, no work, just endless opportunity for adventures! After spending the morning fixing our furnace that decided to go out on a chilly night (12 degrees), Everett and I seized the opportunity to hook up our Fat bike to the Weehoo, Polar Stroller, and sled. With temps below 20, I didn’t have high expectations. In fact, I was already thinking about the complaints coming from my backseat driver… “My hands are cold, I’m hungry, are we there yet? Daddy, lets go home, I’m cold!” What happened next not only surprised me, but also inspired me to share my snowy adventure.

I asked Ev if he wanted to go sledding at our neighborhood park and see if his buddies wanted to join. It was a resounding “YES!!!” Luckily, my Fatback was ready to roll – tubeless – carbon – sweetest fatbike ever! I hooked up the Weehoo Turbo, slipped on the All Weather Canopy for a little added protection from the elements. I was pretty excited to put my Polar Stroller ski attachment to the test on my Weehoo. Can’t forget the sled, but that was a no brainer!

Mom helped get all the layers of clothing on – key to success with such frigid temps. Ev really wanted to ride his pedal bike but I explained how cool his set up was and how Daddy’s Fatback was going to be our best chance at getting all the way to the sledding hill. Now he wants a fat bike, go figure! He stayed nice and cozy inside the Weehoo – I kept checking to see if he was cold: “NOPE!” and if he was having fun: “YEP!!


The conditions were perfect! There was about 3-4″ of fresh snow and it was perfect for cruising around with the extra cargo. Snowflakes were falling but not too heavily. We shredded throughout our neighborhood, hooting and hollering, while lots of neighbors were shoveling their driveways. One guy was using a leaf blower to clear his driveway.

We rendezvoused at the park with some friends and had a blast!


The amazing part of this adventure is that we made it home before dark, no meltdowns, no complaining, not even cold – and Ev was so pumped on it that he wants to go again first thing tomorrow!

Go out and play in the snow! If you live somewhere warm, I don’t wanna hear about it!