The Weehoo® Bike Trailer is the only trailer to summit Mount Vetoux

The Weehoo® Bike Trailer is the only bike trailer to summit Mount Ventoux.  

Climbing Mount Vetoux is extremely challenging and many only get to experience the views by car. Because of the Weehoo® Bike Trailers' innovative design, the children can exert more force than any other bicycle trailer.

Mount Ventoux is a mountain located in southern France and is the highest mountain in the region with a towering verticle height of 1,912 meters, which is an incredible 6,272 feet. Mount Vetoux is known for its height and its inclusion in the Tour de France, where Mount Ventoux challenges some of the best athletes in the world. Mount Ventoux dominates the region with its barren, limestone top and can be seen from many miles away on a clear day.

Weehoo® Bike Trailers will make many memories for you and your family and take you on many adventures, so let the adventures begin with Weehoo!

Weehoo on mont Ventoux