Continue Riding as a Family with the Weehoo® Bike Trailer

"Enter the Weehoo iGo Pro (“Pro” because it is the 2012 model – lighter, tougher, and completely removable seat.)  It’s one company’s ingenious solution to helping families get out on longer bike rides with kids actively engaged.  It’s like a “Trail-A-Bike” that is towed behind an adult’s bike, but much safer, more adjustable (allowing for younger riders) and something I trust enough to put my kids on."

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"What we love:

– The freedom to continue biking as a family when kids get too big for traditional bike trailers.

– Fits most kids aged 2-9 (or  38-52″ and up to 65 pounds.)

– The child sits in a recumbent position low to the ground meaning their center of gravity is also lower and their ride is smooth and comfortable.

– 3-point harness system keeps kids safely in the seat (and it’s padded so they remain comfortable.)  Seat easily adjusts forward or backward to accommodate for shorter or longer legs.

– Seat can be completely removed for more stream-lined storage.

– Pedal straps keep feet safely in position (though see slight problem we had with these below.)

– Kids have the choice to pedal

– Storage in pannier-like bags is ample enough for snacks and some extra jackets.  Mesh cup holders on both sides of the seat come in handy for kid riders."