Weehoo® bike trailer rated #1, again!

The unrivaled experience of the Weehoo® TURBO, VENTURE, BLAST and TWO family of bike trailers can't stop winning the highest ratings.  It's an unrivaled experience you and your kids can't miss out on.  

Get yourself a Weehoo® bike trailer and hit the paths together.

Read the latest review of the worlds top selling bike trailers and see why Weehoo® consistently ranks #1.

Best Trailer Cycle

For kids old enough to pedal, but too young to keep up with the older kids and adults, trailer cycles are the perfect solution for family rides with kids ages 3 to 6. Trailer cycles have a single wheel, versus double wheels like traditional bike trailers, but are still towed behind the bike. They also have pedals for the kids, which allows them to be active riders instead of passive passengers.

Weehoo iGo Turbo: Best Overall Trailer Cycle

Weehoo iGo Turbo, Best Overall, $349: Simply the best for all-terrain riding. Narrow and low to the ground, the Weehoo easily flies down single-track trails with much less concern of running into plants and sticks or other obstacles in tight spaces. The Weehoo has a three-point harness that keeps kids in place, even if they fall asleep, making it great for city riding as well. 

Comparison Chart of Trailer Cycles

Burley Kazoo, Best Mid-Priced, $299: Connecting to a bike rack, instead of the seat post on the adult’s bike, the Burley is much more stable than traditional trailer cycles. Most trailer cycles lean to one side or the other while in use, making it more difficult to for the adult rider to tow. Burley’s unique rack-mounted system reduces the standard lean significantly, creating a more comfortable ride for both the adult and child. Full Burley Trailer Cycle review.

WeeRide Co-Pilot, Best on a Budget, $90: Although we haven’t tested out the WeeRide in person, we’ve only heard great things about it. A fraction of the price of our other picks, based on the numerous 5-star reviews compared to similarly priced trailer cycles, the Co-Pilot appears to be the budget trailer cycle of choice.