Ride easy with your kids: Introducing Weehoo by Jake in Siem Reap

As part of Grasshopper Adventures’ ongoing commitment to helping more families  get out on a bike in Asia, we are excited to introduce our collaboration with WeeHoo Bike Trailers! Now parents and kids can enjoy the ride together. 

Bringing your family along for the ride is now even easier - We say Weehoo!

Grasshopper Adventures now officially offer Weehoo Turbo Bike Trailers for all our multi-day family bike tours in CambodiaThailand & Sri Lanka and one-day tours in Bangkok & Siem Reap.

Founded in 2008 by a cycle-enthusiast dad who wanted a bike trailer for his kids to enjoy riding, Weehoo is now well-renowned for providing safe, comfortable bike trailers, empowering parents to enjoy outdoor adventures together with their kids.

Engineered to high standards, Weehoo commits to producing top-notch products while still keeping it comfortable and fun for the kids to engage in the ride. The unique design allows your child to pedal if they wish or just sit back and enjoy the views. The superb balance and weight distribution of the Weehoo, combined with its easy coupling system means that the adult can also still enjoy a very satisfying ride with a young one in the back.  

Adam, Grasshopper Adventures CEO (pictured), has been a big advocate of WeeHoo trailers for a few years, using the popular WeeHoo TURBO with his son, Ian, to explore Cambodia and surrounding countries. “It has enabled us to get so much more riding and exploring done than before. Ian get’s to have a pedal, have a coast and sometimes a bit of a sleep, all while being more protected than he would be in a bike seat or a conventional tag-along”, he added.

What is the Weehoo Turbo Bike trailer?

Here’s a few main features which make Weehoo Turbo a sturdy and reliable trailer system for your kids

  • Adjustable seat fits kids from 2 to 7 years old
  • An enclosed drivetrain is safe and allows kids to pedal
  • Hand grips and armrests on both sides allow kids to sit back and relax (or even sleep)
  • An adjustable harness with buckle is both comfortable and safe
  • Plenty of storage space and pockets provide room for kids snacks and handy items
  • Safety flag on the back provides good visibility

Kids say weehoo!

We are excited to welcome more and more families with kids to experience a cycling adventure in ways they never thought possible before.

With the availability of these cleverly engineered tag-along style trailers, kids on Grasshopper Adventures rides will have a more fun & carefree journey than ever before and parents will have the confidence of a stress-free experience riding with their children.

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