The Weehoo® Bike Trailer is the best purchase you will ever make

"By pure accident I came across the Weehoo when searching the REIwebsite for trail-a-bikes.  At first glance I knew this was going to work out great.  I read all the reviews as well as reviews on other websites and the feedback was nothing but positive.  I watched a user posted video on You Tube which convinced my husband to try it.  We received it last Thursday and after several bike rides (if you build it they will use it) – we can say without regret we “love it!”  Our son enjoys participating by pedaling (at 3 ½ he can reach the pedals) and because it is open he seems to feel a part of the biking experience. 

What really sold us on the Weehoo was the fact our son can ride this up to 75lbs!  We also like that we have been able to enjoy long bike rides and not worry we will  have to stop when he gets tired – if he does he just takes a nap!  I love the 5 point harness seat and all the storage options.  Both my husband and I have pulled the Weehoo and love the way it tracks right behind our bikes.  Purchasing it from REI provided one other huge benefit:  they put it together!

We try to make very smart purchases and I feel this is one of the best we have made.  We are looking forward to enjoying our long term love relationship with the Weehoo."

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